Airlines SEO audit

SEO Audit for Airlines

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You’ve read the Airlines SEO 2020 report and now you would like to know how your website compares to the benchmarks? No problem, the Airlines SEO Audit is the right thing for you.

But wait, there is more. The audit not only compares your website to the benchmarks but has all the technical solutions and face-to-face consulting, that will solve all the questions about implementation.

I’ve done hundreds of these audits (obviously not only for airlines) but I’ve seen every CMS, every payment processor, every ERP, and other systems that are used. I know their limitations and solutions.

What you'll get

  • Benchmark report, where we compare you to 22 analyzed airlines in the Airlines SEO 2020 report.
  • Every analysis in the benchmark report receives instructions on how it should be solved, with examples prepared for you.
  • On-site analysis report, where we analyze your TOP 500 SEO landing pages
  • 4 hours of additional SEO consulting

Fill out this form and we’ll hop on a short video meeting to talk about the audit for you. FREE and no strings attached.