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In today’s dynamic environment, evolving and elevating a marketing department poses significant challenges. The vast array of marketing channels, each with its unique demands and advantages, coupled with an extensive repertoire of potential strategies, and the presence of sophisticated competitors, complicates the task further.

Every marketing team requires a visionary leader who can identify the guiding star—setting a clear direction towards achieving goals more swiftly and efficiently. With a proven track record of guiding teams to success, I am ready to lead your marketing efforts to new heights. Let’s connect and make it happen.

About me and my experience

With a diverse background spanning 25 years in the marketing sector, my journey has traversed roles from in-house marketer to leading departments within award-winning agencies. Currently, as a marketing consultant for nearly a decade, I’ve honed a deep understanding of the industry’s nuances and demands.

Beyond my consulting work, I serve as a marketing lecturer, frequently invited as a guest speaker at various universities and corporate events. This unique position enables me to blend focused marketing objectives with educational endeavors seamlessly into every team I work with.


My approach is twofold: initiating immediate, impactful solutions to drive quick results, while simultaneously infusing education and training. This methodology not only addresses current marketing challenges but also equips teams with enduring knowledge and skills, ensuring lasting success and innovation in their future endeavors.

Over years in marketing, I’ve crafted a unique strategy that combines data-driven insights with a core of organic marketing, enhanced by strategic paid channels. Centered around inbound lead generation and nurturing, this approach maximizes engagement and conversions through targeted, efficient efforts.

It blends the sustainability of organic growth with the immediate reach of paid avenues, all aimed at attracting and retaining leads with valuable, relevant content. 

Who I work with

B2B Hardware companies

Companies with a presence in multiple countries and more than 10 mio yearly income.

Established SAAS

Companies, that have an established funnel, that needs to be enlarged and focused.

Organic focused E-commerce

E-commerce does not need to rely on TikTok or Meta's advertising algorithms.​

Content focused Companies

Content that brings inbound traffic is a reliable source of traffic in all phases of CDJ.

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Why hire a Fractional CMO

Rapid Onboarding

I can typically begin within the next month, helping you bypass the lengthy hiring process.

Focus on Strategy and Growth

As a fractional CMO, I boost marketing performance and ROI by focusing on strategy and growth, free from daily operational tasks.

Risk Mitigation

Hiring a fractional CMO reduces the risks of costly mis-hires and executive turnover faced with full-time hires.

Knowledge Retention

By working alongside in-house teams, I ensure knowledge transfer and retention, empowering your team with long-lasting strategic insights and skills.

I've worked with

Check out my organic growth case study

We increased the number of enquiries by 160 % without any increase in advertising. 

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