Managing marketing activities in a company is no easy task. Internal resources that can eventually lose focus due to the sheer amount of obligations need to be coordinated; agencies need to be managed as they can lose sight of the goal if they feel that they are underpaid, both of which needs to be accurately evaluated. But it often isn’t because of preoccupation with other duties.

The reasons why companies experience issues in the implementation and realization of efficient online marketing activities are diverse. Often, these issues are the result of missing systems and processes that enable daily work on campaigns, or instead, we find out that what’s missing are the analyses and processes that help convert the measured data into practical solutions.

It’s simplest to leave this to an outside advisor who assists companies with marketing activities. Because this person isn’t part of the daily hustle that often consumes the attention of the employees, they can focus on the implementation of the systems that guarantee consistent results.

Because that person is not part of “daily activities”, they’re capable of perceiving individual channels from the perspective of their integration into the rest of the channels, how they overlap and position themselves on the curve of purchase processes in different target populations and their needs. An outside view of the processes is what can guarantee that new channels and other tests are only implemented when they have the potential to make a positive impact instead of testing every possible solution found on some random “10 best growth hacks” blog.

Marketing is not self-reliant. Instead, it must be efficiently connected to the products and business objectives of the company. The problem is that advertisers often fail to understand the business objectives and strategies of companies. The breadth of understanding of business metrics that are associated with marketing metrics is significant, ranging from the basic CPA to churn and EBITDA, and back via other measurements.

The profound understanding of metrics and processes barely enables the thorough understanding of advertising and marketing channels as well as their mutual relationships and impacts on company operations. In this context, there’s a huge gap between a marketer who sets up CPCs and a marketer who increases EBITDA, significantly impacting the performance of a company.

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