My podcast in review

The end of the year comes just in the rigth time with the 30th episode of my podcast, both of these are a good reason to take some time and check out the numbers and goals and see if there is still a reason to continue the podcast.

The general idea of the podcast ( is that I invite marketing conference speakers to sum up their presentation in 5 minutes. This is a promise of excelent content (because the conference organizers allready found the best speakers) and a promise of a short snippet of time.

I love to listen to podcasts and I love to create content myself, so podcasting seemed as a good idea. This is not my first podcast, I started one while working in my previous agency TIRO – This is Red Orbit ( ). I understand that podcasting will not make you rich. That is ok, I don’t need to get rich, I just need to have fun and get some leads from all my work I do next to podcasting. But everyone would like to be famous, so I’m also waiting for my turn.

Podcast guests

The podcsat would be nothing without its guest. This is the place where I need to say a big thank you to everyone who was a guest on the podcast. Especially the ones that believed in the idea of the podcast in the beginning, where it did not have many episodes or listeners.

I was extremelly lucky that I was able to get a mix of the best people in internet marketing to the podcast. All of them showed up prepared, we had a nice chat and they gave great value to the subscribers. And all of that for free.

When I started to write this article I was sure that I won’t have a problem with the male vs. female ratio for the podcast guests. Well, after I crunched the numbers, I see that I couldn’t be more wrong. Women represent only a small portion of the podcast guests and it is obvious that I need to work on that in the future.


Analytics in podcsating is hard. But we will have to work with what we have.

The total number of people who have listened to any episode of the podcast is over 3.000. With 30 episodes this means that the average episode gets around 100 listeners. I know, this does not sound as the biggest success, but on the other hand, if you speak on a conference that has 100 people in the audience, it is not a bad deal. Well, these 100 people came here to listen only to you, so they are even more interested into your message. So, not bad.

The episode that attracted the most listeners is the episode with Rand Fishkin, and here are the top 5 episodes.

And it seems that podcast are pretty unknown here in Europe. Most of the people who listen to the podcast come from the US and the UK (if we ignore Slovenian listeners, who listen because of me, not because of the podcast). Understandable, considering that I have most of the guests from the US and their promotion is usually the best source of traffic.

Podcast advertising

I did not really advertise the podcast too much. I’ve tried something with Facebook ads, but too little and too weak. A small budget and wrong targeting. And it did not bring anything more than a couple of ad clicks from SEOs from India.

I’ve also tried PodNews advertising, but it did not really bring in any subscribers.

I understand that I will have to invest more if I want to have a succsefull podcast. I will try with Facebok advertising again in 2020, and try to set it up as a real campaing. Luckily I sleep with one of the best advertisers out there, so I’m pretty sure she will help me.

The future

I’m not sure yet. Listening to other podcasters it is usually to hear them say that you need to stick to podcasting for 2 or 3 years before you see some kind of result. So I’m at half of that period right now. I feel I should aim for 100 episodes and then, if I did not sell any advertising on the podcast yet, I can give up.

This would mean at least 3 more years of podcasting. We will see.

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