Research: Airlines and SEO in 2020

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This one of a kind research on 75 pages dives into the most important questions on how Airlines around the world are using SEO to acquire customers.

It looks into all the important aspects of modern Search Engine Optimization.

We analyzed 22 different airlines from all around the world, big and small. The websites are analyzed using industry-standard tools (SemRush, ahrefs, Screaming frog) as well as manually, looking at how the selected websites perform in SEO.

We looked into the technical errors, on-site optimization, and all the different aspects of off-site optimization, as well as the content that is shown on different websites.

The document on 75 pages aims to set benchmarks for airlines. The research will be repeated in the next years so that we can track changes in the industry.

This is what you can find in the e-book

  1. State of SEO in 2020
  2. Airlines and SEO in COVID-19 times
  3. Airline websites and SEO in 2020
  4. About our research and the analyzed websites
  5. Research points:
    1. Basic SEO 
    2. Page speed and loading time
    3. Content and languages
    4. On-site SEO
    5. Backlinks and authority
  6. Instead of a conclusion
  7. SEO audit for airlines

Every topic has a theoretical part that gives the background, why is something important, how should it be dealt with and why is it important for airlines.

The theory is followed by the research, we analyzed 22 airlines from around the world, different sizes and levels of internet savy-ness. You will see the specific data and all the numbers.

Reviews of the research

About the author Peter Mesarec

I’ve been the head of SEO in the largest regional digital agency and have helped different airlines and travel agenciesOTAs, and meta searchers to extend their understanding of SEO for their websites.

I’m working as a consultant and am helping different companies (from startups to billion EUR companies) to educate their internal teams in SEO and marketing. 

I have congested all my SEO and marketing knowledge into this research so that this is the most detailed (and the only) view into everything important in SEO for airlines and similar companies. 

I’ve been featured in multiple industry magazines and I’ve been selected as the best speaker at different international conferences.

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