Who am i

Peter Mesarec.

I’ve been in internet marketing for more than 20 years and I’ve been opening Google Analytics as the client, as the agency, and as the company owner. I could say, I’ve seen it all. Yes, also your very specific problem, I’ve probably seen it.

I have been the head of different departments in the most performance-oriented agency in the region, Red orbit. I’ve planed, oversee, and partially executed marketing strategies that have included all marketing channels.
The work in the agency allowed me that I have seen a giant number of different business models, advertising concepts, and organizational systems. I have learned what works and what does not. I can tell you all about it.

I have been a marketing manager in companies and have been hands-on in marketing campaigns, prepared strategies and executed them. I worked with other teams, coordinated them to check reports and sit on growth meetings and make marketing profitable. I talk the agency talk, and I talk the company talk. And, most importantly, I can translate between those two. And I can establish systems that make your marketing profitable. For agencies or companies.

I had my own companies so I can understand the complexities of leading a company. And, I do everything as if it would be my own company – without uneccesary (but using those really necessary) risky decisions and with the right business view.

The process that I use is really simple. We set goals, we get stuff done, we check if we hit the goals. Rinse. Repeat.

Companies tend to call me when they need a consultant to help them with optimizing their marketing channels. We analyze the most problematic channels and work through them one by one. Or, two by two. Because of speed matters. We also look for new channels that help us scale but still remain profitable.

Companies call me when their SEO is failing (or just not working good enough). I help their team(s) to implement workflows that bring long-term SEO success.

Companies send me a Facebook messenger message when they start to think about creating a new website. I help them in the planning stage and stay with them through the whole process so that they are finally happy with their website.

They call me when they need help with optimizing their processes in their marketing (sales) departments.

They call me when they need help to elevate their marketing to new levels.

I get invited to marketing conferences and to prepare workshops for their teams. I’ve been known to throw in a couple of jokes and I’ve been selected as the best speaker at different international conferences. I can come and speak at yours or prepare an extensive workshop for your company.

I’m the author of several books on different aspects of online marketing, you can find my books in better libraries, all of them in Slovenian language.